The Cicada’s Cry is a haiku micro-zine based in Delaware (USA) edited by JM Reinbold and Maria Masington. TCC is published four times per year in the Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. We also publish one or two themed editions per year. Each issue contains six haiku / senryu. The Cicada’s Cry strives to publish the best in contemporary English-language haiku and senryu. Our short term goals for The Cicada’s Cry are to attract local and regional readers, then work toward attracting national and international readers. As we continue to grow, in addition to featuring Delaware haiku poets, we’d like to publish haiku poets from around the United States and the world. So, with that in mind, in the future, we hope to publish more frequently, achieve international distribution, and also evolve into a paying publication.
“I started publishing The Cicada’s Cry micro zine because I love haiku/senryu, of course, but, I also wanted to create a publication that showcased the work of Delaware haiku poets and that could act as a focal point to bring together a community of haiku enthusiasts in Delaware. Then a few years ago, a friend sent me a copy of her micro fiction zine, which had a front and back cover and six pages in between; that little zine inspired our current format. And so The Cicada's Cry became a reality and in true haiku tradition: a tiny zine for tiny poems." - JM Reinbold, Founder and Editor
The content within these zines are the property of their respective contributors. The views expressed do not necessarily represent the views of The Cicadas Cry Micro-zine, the editors or its staff. The Cicada’s Cry Micro-zine is not responsible for, and disclaims any and all liability for content of attributed work written by contributors that infringe upon copyrights, or that fail to make proper acknowledgments, which is entirely the responsibility of the contributing authors.